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Make your 1st movie in 27 days including 2 weeks filming in Cuba for £TBA

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The suggested film subject for this filmmaking course/holiday is Cuban music & dance. How this broad subject is tackled will is up to you to decide.

cuban salsa dancerscuban musicians on the streetcuban man gathering tobacco leaves cuban girls by swimming pooltropicana, havanadancing salsa in a havana streetcubans playing dominoes




DAY 7 : Saturday 17 May 2003

Leave London Gatwick. Arrive Havana.
Check into accommodation. (A specific house)

DAY 8 : Sunday 18 May

Orientation: Small Groups / pairs ‘scouting’ for suitable locations with cameras. Exploring Havana; gaining inspiration. Discovering possibilities / limitations of original script.
Arranging interviews with local academics, ministers, spokespeople, etc; (It should be possible to pre-arrange some interviews from the UK. Nigel has connections)

DAY 9 : Monday 19 May

‘Master Classes’ / Seminars with Cuban Director / Cuban cinematographer.
Cuban Cinema in the Revolution

Throughout the time in Cuba, Scott will be routinely checking footage and advising all the filmmakers. This is to ensure that he spends an equal amount of time on location with each production group.

DAY 10 : Tuesday 20 May

Location filming around Havana.

Divide again into production teams (+ guide/interpreter).
Within each group all members will take turns assuming different production roles throughout the holiday, such as director, camera, lighting, sound and presenter. Part of the learning process of filmmaking is the skill of effective team work (no one person can make a good movie entirely their own).

Filming establishing shots around Havana; Buildings, street life, poignant images associated with chosen topic and/or story angle. Further locations, interviews, around Havana; people and places, e.g. music studios, live music venues, record / music shops, street life.

Evening lecture by a local guest speaker regarding Cuban music and/or culture.

Each Production team will also be assigned an individual guide/interpreter from Tuesday 20th-Friday23rd.

DAY 11 : Wednesday 21 May

Jeeps are hired for five days for each of the four production teams.

Filming around Havana. Visiting sites of interest. Conducting initial interviews with academic and/or other authorities relevant to your film.

DAY 12 : Thursday 22 May

Filming in Havana and surrounding area. Conducting more interviews with relevant people. Gathering activity footage; e.g. musicians jamming, dancers, relevant to your chosen topic.
Also filming in evening; e.g. live band / dancing.

DAY 13 : Friday 23 May

Filming in Countryside around Havana. Gaining atmospheric shots of non-urban Cuba. Cubans going about their daily business.

Group BBQ in evening.



DAYS 14&15 : Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 May

Free days.

You will still have use of the jeeps to go and explore parts of Cuba, find sites of cultural and historical interest – or just find that deserted beach you spent the winter dreaming of !!





DAY 16 : Monday 26 May

Meet back. Progress check. Careful review of footage gathered. Strengths and weaknesses of shots ascertained. How is the narrative structure holding up? What shots need to be gathered again. Identify shots needed.

DAY 17 : Tuesday 27 May

Out and about gathering footage identified as needed (with guide/interpreter).

DAY 18 : Wednesday 28 May

This is really the last chance to get any shots (as it’ll be a costly business to come back to get that special shot!).

One of the marvellous things about digital video is that film stock is cheap – so film away!!

Final Group meeting.

DAY 19 : Thursday 29 May

Last full day in Cuba.
Group party in evening.

DAY 20 : Friday 30 May

Check out of accommodation.
Evening flight back to London.

DAY 21 : Saturday 31 May

Arrive back in London.









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There are places for only 16 persons. Enrolment is starting 11 Sept. 04

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