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Make your 1st movie in 27 days including 2 weeks filming in Cuba for £TBA

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During the three workshop weekends after returning from Cuba you will be taught professional digital editing skills and put together your final film. We will be using the facilities of our learning centre; every student will have personal use of a computer; although during final editing we will be working in production groups: each group producing a film approximately 15 minutes in length. It is strongly advised that all participants are reasonably familiar with using computers with windows-based operating systems (i.e. Microsoft windows or Mac OS).

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DAY 22 : Saturday 7 June 2003

De-Briefing. Review of footage : 10am - 1pm

Group de-briefing, evaluation. Production groups reviewing footage as group.
Introduction to the editing process. Refining the narrative. First paper edit.

The Edit Workshop : 2pm - 5pm

Production groups picking out important, most effective, most beautiful, scenes. Putting together basic paper edit. Refining script; writing up voice-overs; checking interviews etc;.

DAY 23 : Sunday 8 June

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Digital Editing Software : 10am - 1pm

You will be introduced to the Adobe Premiere software we shall be using to edit the movies. Premiere is a powerful non-linear digital editing software; which will enable each group to create a professional production.

In this session you will learn:

-How to capture footage from DV tape to the computers hard-drive.
-How the interface of Premiere operates.
-Basic editing methods and tools.

Editing with Adobe Premiere : 2pm - 5pm

In this session you will learn:

- About more advanced editing tools.
- Sound: editing sound and setting sound levels, importing music, recording voice over.

You will begin to capture your original footage.


For all sessions on both days you will have full access to the learning centre and be able to use the equipment to put together your movie. Scott and Nigel will be available on both days to give assistance and technical support.

DAY 24 : Saturday 14 June

Editing movie in production groups : 10am - 5pm

DAY 25 : Sunday 15 June

Editing movie in production groups : 10am - 5pm





DAY 26 : Saturday 21 June

Final edit tools : 10am - 1pm

In this session you will learn how to create titles and captions.

Editing : 2pm - 5pm

Editing movie

DAY 27 : Sunday 22 June

Final Edit : 12pm - 4pm

Burn movies onto DVDs. Everyone gets a copy.

Movie Premiere, Awards Ceremony : 5pm - 9pm

World Premieres of our Cuba movies; to a specially invited audience of family, friends, associates, VIP's, and local press.

Awards Ceremony: Our own mini-Oscars !!

Farewell drink.

The End

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